The Succession and Transition Workshop

A 2-day workshop to plan your church’s future and your ministry legacy.

Join Sam Chand and Scott Wilson for this event!
Upcoming Event on February 21-22, 2023.



Find and Prepare
Your Successor

Determine What’s Next
In Your Ministry

Secure Your Future
and Legacy

The Future of Your Ministry and Legacy Should Not Be Confusing or Scary...

  • Who do I transition to?

  • How do I find my successor?

  • How do I get them ready?

  • How do I hand off?

  • What about my board?

  • What if everything I’ve built falls apart?

  • If I transition, what do I do next?

  • Do I have enough money?

Get the answers and create a plan for your future!



“Succession is not just about leaving something, it’s about going to something.”



It’s Time to Future-Proof Your Ministry Career and Church!

1. Register for Workshop

Workshops take place over a day and a half. Block off those calendars and let’s do this!

2. Come to the Venue

The workshop is in a safe setting where you can learn, plan and seek God regarding the future of your ministry and church at a great venue.

Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway
2020 Convention Center Concourse
Atlanta, GA 30337

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3. Secure Your Future and Legacy

Leave with a plan you can implement to protect your church and secure your future.


Your Investment


Your workshop registration includes:

  • Step-by-step workbook
  • Feedback sessions throughout the workshop
  • Checklists, templates, and assets
  • Meals, snacks, and drinks throughout the Workshop



Cross Timbers Church, Argyle TX

“The succession journey is a challenging one even in the best of situations. Scott Wilson and the Ready Set Grow Team have been such an encouragement and help in my time of transition. I am grateful for Scott and his team!”


Calvary Revival Church, Norfolk, VA

“Sam Chand has been my coach, mentor, consultant, and friend for twenty years. His insights have developed my leadership. His guidance has helped create my legacy. His love has impacted my life. For me, Sam has been a game-changer!”